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Lodge Tales is a podcast that tells real stories of the strange and paranormal from Native American/Indigenous personal experiences. There are many tales across Indian Country that remain untold, until now. All stories you hear here are from actual witnesses. These are the recorded conversations the host has with guests from all different tribes and any other indigenous people from across the world.

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Ep 48. Colden Goss Part 1 - I Chased Goatman
May 21, 202401:26:2179.07 MB

Ep 48. Colden Goss Part 1 - I Chased Goatman

Colden is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe and he too resides on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. He and his were terrorized the Goatman on 40 separate occasions. Colten shares those experiences and shares ghost stories about the Blackfeet Boarding dorm as well. Support this podcast at — https://re...

Episode 44. Angelo Bullplume Part 3 - Death Spirit
April 25, 202401:21:5975.07 MB

Episode 44. Angelo Bullplume Part 3 - Death Spirit

Thanks for joining us again. Tonight we have returning guests Angelo and Leanne. They tell us stories about a haunted Doll, a Blackhat, Haunted Toys, Hatman or Goatman, a ghost woman, and a death spirit on 7 mile lane. Visit our website. LodgeTales.com You can support the show by becoming a member ...

Episode 43. Ethan Runningcrane - The Eclipse
April 09, 202401:21:4274.8 MB

Episode 43. Ethan Runningcrane - The Eclipse

Ethan is a knowledgeable man from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. He and I tell some stories about the Goatman and then we dive into the significance of the Eclipse. There is also a conversation we have about wormholes or portals. We end by shedding light on our Creation Stories. Visit our websit...

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Holy thank-you for this pod, Good Sir! I’ve been listening to Strange Familiars, almost from Jump. I live in the same area as Tim, Alison & Chad. Especially the first year or so it really was strange familiars, for me. I immediately followed your pod when I learned What & w/ who the premise was for the show. No joke,...

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Good stuff in that good way

If you know, you know, ya know?

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Divine Light

Just heard the one where you talked to your Grandpa in a dream. You described the sensation of warmth and supreme love. I too have felt that . I knew exactly what you meant. Thank you for sharing your story…

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